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This is a non-profit web site dedicated to all those J/C scenes that TPTB would/could never give us in the actual episodes.

The Webmistress has done a lot of reading of J/C fic. Each week it seems she is finding new sites to eagerly read through.

And she is coming across a factor common to most of these sites - the episode addition. The lightbulb popped on in the Webmistress' head (this does not happen often, btw). Why not create an index of these episode addition?

And now you're looking at it!


All stories indexed here must be written around the Janeway/Chakotay relationship. They don't need to be involved with each other but it probably wouldn't be a good idea to have them paired off with someone else (unless you mean to rectify the situation!) There are good archives for other pairings. Jupiter Station is good for Janeway/Paris writers and there is Perfection for Chakotay/Seven stories. The Webmistress knows the URL's for both so email her if you want them.

The Webmistress does not read every story that is indexed here. She would love to but Real Life just does not allow for it. However, if she receives notice that a reader does not believe a story indexed is not suitable for inclusion here then she will look into it. Similarly, you should email her to inform her of broken links, etc.


Please see the submission page for more details. If you find the form does not work for you please your details to the Webmistress. Currently there is no form for updating your submissions so you'll have to email those details as well.


The Webmistress would love it if you did that. Currently, her knowledge of web graphics is limited but her friend has done a basic banner for her. If you do decide to place a link on your site, why don't you let the Webmistress know so that she can reciprocate and include your site in the JCEA Link Hall of Fame! More details can be found on the Linking page.

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